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Letter to a Friend:
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
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Dear Stephen,

Have you ever read Yang The Second?  

I have it is cool you need to read it you will love it!




                                  Signed by:


Dear, McKenzie                                                                                                                      


Have you ever read the book YANG THE SECOND? I think it’s a good book you should read it sometimes so you should go read it I really mean it so go read that book right now so I half to go do class work so by by.

                        Signed by: #19

Dear Dalton,
Have you ever red yang the second? Well I have. Its about a girl who has a secret admirer. Her friends try to hook her up. They also have a heritage. Fourth brother and second sister do the dishes. Her friends follow Paul Eng around a museum. Then they find Paul with another girl, and they think she's his girlfriend but it's really his sister/


Dear David,


have you  ever read Yang The Second it is a good

book I liked it. It shows a Chinese heritage and

relationship. Like  how they tried to get there

sister to date Paul eng but the.  yang the

second isn’t just not into him just a little bit.

Because he doesn’t stick to his tradition like she

Played a erhu and he never . seen one before

So I never knew what happen but I hope you

Read it. is a very good book good bye.





Dear David,

Have you read Yang the Second? I have. I would think that it is a good story for fifth graders. It is about a girl that doesn't get out of the house. Then the third sister and fourth brother try to trick her to go out with a boy named Paul Eng. I can't tell you any more so now you have to read it yourself.




Dear Wendy,

Hi  I just wanted to tell you about this book called YANG THE SECOND.I thought that you might like it. I did. Its about a girl named YANG and her brother and sister who trys to get her with this boy named PAUL whose in her class. I think that it was a great idea because she really liked him.And he liked her to. Well hope you read it. Bye.




Dear Lang,


Have you read yang the second I think you will like it because you are Chinese to.It is about a sister who has a brother and a sister and a older brother and they try to get one of the sister with a boy named Paul  Ang and they get Paul to ask her out but the sister doesn’t  but I still think she still does like him




Dear Kaitlynn,

I read this story yang the 2 and her secret emirer. I  realy liked the story .

It toght us about the chines haritige . It was a great story and really exciting. It remined me of my chines colter .It was an asome story. YOU SHOUD REAAAAALLLLY read it .You might not like it . But I loved it . O.k got to go .


Bye asia.


Dear  Haiely,


      Did you see that book Yang The Second its so cool my favorite part is when they see Paul with another girl and think its her girlfriend but its really his sister they most really like  him. Who is your favorite character in Yang the Second? My favorite character is Paul because all the girls like him.


         Love, #30


Dear Wendy,

Have you ever read Yang the Second it is cool! It is about third sister and fourth brother trying to get second sister with Paul Eng together. Second sister acts like she does not like him like she is mean to him. She likes him because he is good at math but she does not like him because he does not stick to his heritage. I would read it if you have not



              Dear Alexys


What I liked about yang the second is the part when they try to help out 2nd sister. She likes a guy and he likes her. So they come up with a plan to get them together. Then they come up with a plan to help them out. And when they helped them out they were happy. And what I don’t like about the story is that at the end of the story they didn’t tell you if they got to gather.



                                  From your friend




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