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Up and Running!
Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
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Technology in Room 17 is now up and running!  Thanks to an EETT grant and a lot of hard work by Paula Ford at District Office (thanks Paula!) , Room 17 now has 6 beautiful new computers and an Interwrite Board.  Even more amazing is the fact that due to all the hard work and effort of our Technology Department, they all work - at the same time (thanks guys!).  And that's not all, we are looking forward to the arrival of even more technology in the form of a microscope, camera, and more kid friendly software.

The students in Room 17 have had the technology for only a short time, but are thrilled with what we've been able to do so far.  Aside from having quick access to our favorite programs like Accelerated Math and Reading, students have begun to use the Internet for some basic searches and exploration of educational sites. We have just begun to explore the uses of the Interwrite Board, but it has been a HUGE hit!  Students are thrilled by what we've accomplished thus far.

Students were asked to write about our new technology and here is what some of the students in Room 17 had to say:

- "I like the new Interwrite Board because you could go anywhere and write on the board."

-  "I like our new technology because we could search.  We could search for lots of cool things.  Technology is the best!"

-  "I am looking foward to being able to come in during lunch to go on the Internet.  I like our new technology because it is cool and our class can use it."

-  "I think it is cool and I wish I had one of these (Interwrite Board).  It helps with our spelling and the teachers think it is cool too."

-  "I like our new technology because the teacher can walk around and she can write while she walks.  You can also write and then it turns to print.  We all like how it works.  The first time I tried it it was very hard."

-  "I am looking forward to go on the computer to research for things and to play games.  I will like to search on our computer because I can learn a little.  Then I can play games because I can learn my vocabulary words."

Stay tuned to our Classroom Blog to see what exciting things the students in Room 17 will be able accomplish next!

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Linda Frei said:
Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 @ 11:20 PM
How wonderful it is that the students are finding technology so exciting.
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