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Four Column SCE Journal

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Four Column SCE (Summary, Connection, Explanation) Journal

  • Begin with a clean sheet of paper
  • Turn the paper sideways so its orientation is landscape
  • Divide or fold the page into four equal vertical columns
  • Your name information can go at the top of the page above the first or second column
  • Label the first column “Citation,” the second column “Summary,” the third column “Connection,” and the fourth column “Explanation”
  • While reading a literary selection, record a citation from the selection according to the teacher’s instructions in the “Citation” column; be  sure the citation is in proper MLA format
  • Consider limiting each page to three citations; number the citations consecutively
  • You may use the back side of the page
  • In the “Summary” column, summarize the citation in your own words
  • In the “Connection” column, record a personal connection to the citation
  • In the “Explanation” column, further explain your connection or tell why you chose this citation
  • Keep your SCE comments in line across the page with the citation
  • While you should be honest about your content, your entries should be five to ten words and should not take longer than 30 to 45 seconds to write; this is quick journaling and not finished product


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