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The Language Arts teachers at Hillview Middle School believe very strongly in the value of our Accelerated Reader program. We invest a lot of time and energy in this program to the goal of helping your children become better readers. We have discovered that good readers do better on standardized tests as well as enjoying all the other benefits of the world of literature. Renaissance Learning (the developers of Accelerated Reader) statistics tell us that students who practice reading for one hour each school day can expect to increase their tested reading level up to two or more times the normal growth for students of the same age. Reading practice is especially important for lower than grade level readers and of great benefit to all readers.

Before the days of Accelerated Reader, Hillview students were required to do five book reports each semester. We continue to require reading; but instead of doing reports, students are given a simple computerized multiple-choice quiz to show understanding after reading each book. Instead of reading a specified number of books, my students are asked to work toward meeting three goals each quarter. These goals are

  • an average book level goal
  • a point goal
  • a minimum average percent correct goal.

It is theoretically possible to meet all three of these goals with just one book provided the book is at or above the student's book level goal, the student scores at least 85% on the quiz, and the book meets or exceeds the student's point goal. In most cases this would require a book of at least 25 points, so it is advised that students read three or four shorter books (six to ten points each) to meet their AR goals.

Fifteen percent (15%) of the Language Arts grade is based on meeting the three AR goals. Each goal is worth one-third of the AR grade and credit is given for the percentage of completion for each goal. For example, with a point goal of 25 in the quarter, if the student reads only 16 points, the student will receive 64% of the credit possible for meeting the point goal.

GATE AR goals are based on the presumption that GATE students are able read at an 8th grade level or higher. The 6.3 book level goal and 25 points goal are both set at the comfort reading level for an 8th grade student at the beginning of the school year. (NOTE: While the actual book level goal is 6.3, students must average only a 5.0 book level to receive full credit for the book level goal. Student who pass quizzes at 6.3 or higher on books of at least 5 points and scoring at least 85% correct will earn a homework or lunch line pass.)

I am more than willing to discuss this program or any part of our Language Arts curriculum with you. You may call the school and leave a message (722-9993 ext. 75508) or contact me by e-mail at

Working for better readers,

Mr. C. Andrews


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