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GATE Grading Explained

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Tests –40% of grade

  • Tests will be given at least at the end of every unit of study both in literature and grammar.

Quizzes – 15 % of grade

  • Quizzes will be given periodically as deemed necessary to check learning and can be either planned or “pop.”

Essays - 20 % of grade

  • Essays or some other major writing project will be assigned with each unit of study. The essays are intended to evaluate both writing ability and unit content knowledge.

Homework / classwork – 10 % of grade

  • Homework will be assigned virtually every class. Most of the time, homework will also include completing class notes or learning logs. Students should read a minimum of 30 minutes each school night. All homework has as its purpose to reinforce concepts necessary to meet California educational standards for 8th grade.
Accelerated Reader – 15 % of grade
  • The AR grade is broken down into three parts. Each or the four goals is worth 1/3 of the total AR grade.
    • Average book level – each book has a grade reading level. The average level (calculated by adding the levels of all books read together and dividing by the number of books read) should be at or above the student’s assigned goal.
    • Average percent correct – the best reading development happens when students are scoring 85% on average when they take AR quizzes.
    • Points – students are assigned a point goal determined by their tested reading ability. Each book has a point value determined by the length and reading level of the book. A student will earn a percentage of the points possible based on the score on the test. Scoring 80% results in earning 80% of the points possible. Students may earn extra credit by earning more points than their goal.

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