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GATE Research Project

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For a .doc file of the research instructions and timeline, click here.

Prompt: Research and write a paper on a topic assigned in History class dealing with westward expansion. Discuss how America was before the person, thing, or event; discuss the person, thing, or event; and discuss how America was changed because of the person, thing, or event.

Definitions: This research paper will be a minimum of 11 paragraphs in length: an introduction, at least nine body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

            The introduction and conclusion paragraphs will use a method of the student’s choosing: global statement, anecdote, quotation, unusual or bizarre fact, or three questions.

            The body paragraphs will be SEE 123 paragraphs each discussing at least two facts about the topic. The facts in each paragraph will be cited using MLA parenthetical citations.

            At least three sources will be used. At least one of the sources must be print material. The class textbook may be used as a source.

            All sources used will be credited in a Works Cited page.

            The research and writing process will have specific due dates. Each due assignment will be counted as ten points toward an essay grade for the quarter except that the first draft of the body paragraphs and the completed final project will each be worth 20 points. The total points possible for this assignment will be 100 points. The content of the paper will be graded in history class and count for a separate history grade.

Due Dates

January 13/17 – Topic introduced (History)

January 18/19 – Topic assigned (History)

January 20/23 – Outlining; introduction to source and note cards (in class – Language Arts)

January 24/25 – Three sources due (do source cards in class), review note cards

January 26/27 – Part A note cards due

January 30/31 – Part B note cards due

February 1/2 – Part C note cards due; completed outline due

February 7/8 – Introduction / conclusion due

February 15/16 – Rough draft due, works cited page in class

February 17/21 - Works cited page due

February 22/23 - Final product due

Late Work

Work will not be accepted late unless it is accompanied by a note written by a parent/guardian explaining the reason the work is late. Late work will receive late credit only.


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