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GATE Unit 1: Fiction

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8th Grade Language Arts - GATE

Unit 1: Fiction / Plot, Autobiographical narrative / memoir, Response to Literature Essay 

Fiction / Plot: Language of Literature p. 17 ff. / p. 439                    


    Flower for Algernon by Daniel Keyes                   


character                                  foreshadowing                        rising action    

climax                                      internal conflict                        sequence of events     

complication                            main (character)                      setting

conflict                                    minor (character)                     short story

exposition                                minor conflict                          story map

external conflict                       motive                                     surprise ending

falling action                            novel                                        theme

fiction                                      plot                                         trait

flashback                                 resolution                   




Be prepared to answer the following for Flowers for Algernon:                   

   1. List the sequence of events                                             

   2. Describe two ways your life would be different if you were placed in a different setting

   3. Choose a character  and discuss the conflict he or she faced

   4. Identify the conflict and discuss whether the conflict is internal or external

   5. Identify the climax in and tell how the climax event helps solve the conflict 


Autobiographical narrative / memoir

Response to literature essay


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