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Unit 6 - History through Literature, and Drama

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                                               8th Grade Language Arts
Unit 6. History through literature, drama, irregular verbs, career research  
History through Literature: Language of Literature pp. 713-715      
Drama: Language of Literature pp. 259-262          
   1. from Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad (LIT 757, IR 298)  
   2. from Lincoln: A Photobiography (LIT 769)          
   3. Alcott, Civil War Journal (LIT 784)          
   4. Whitman, "O Captain! My Captain!" (LIT 779)        
   5. The Diary of Anne Frank (LIT 447, IR 176)          
acts      minor character scenes        
drama     narrative poetry script        
foil     playwright secondary source      
historical fiction   primary source sound effects      
informative nonfiction props   stage directions      
main character   scenery            
irregular verbs                
   1. What is a primary source? Use a selection from class as an example to explain.  
   2.  What is a secondary source? Use an example from class as an example to explain.  
   3. What is the difference between informative articles and historical fiction?    
   4. About what should a reader be careful when studying literature through fiction?  
   5.  What is the purpose of stage directions in a play?          
Writing: Career quilt -
Career Quilt instructions


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