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Several Digital Citizenship Courses are now available at no cost to all California schools and school districts through the CaliQity Learning Management System.

There are four courses arranged by grade level (K-5, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12). The language and complexity of each course is matched to the grade span.

The lesson topics for each course are:

·        Cyberbullying

·        Using Technology Resources Responsibly

·        Using Technology Resources Safely

·        Using Technology Resources Respectfully

·        Respecting Intellectual Property 

Within each lesson, you will find:

·        Overview pages for teachers, students, and parent/guardians

·        The relevant portion of the AUP (greyed out) and an explanation of what the AUP language really means to students as Digital Citizens;

·        One or more embedded videos; and

·        A short quiz, consisting of a few questions, to check for understanding.

·        The option for a summative, scored assessment

The courses were developed using CIPA guidelines. Schools and districts taking advantage of this no-cost course through CaliQity will have documentation of due diligence as required by CIPA in case of future E-rate audits or review.  It also includes a packaged and vetted acceptable use policy for district use.

To get started with your CaliQity School setup, please complete the form at the following link: http://caliqity.iq-ity.com/orgform.html.

Click here for a Quick Reference Guide to get started with Digital Citizenship.

For additional information, contact us at (760)312-6512.

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