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Smart-e Alphabet

Author: Mary Catherine Doyle
School: Fairhaven Elementary
District: Orange Unified
County: Orange

Apple QuickTime

Apple QuickTime
Duration: 02:28:00

Supporting Files
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Smart-e Alphabet is a highly interactive project which improves students’ skills in written and spoken English, which leads to beginning reading by taking advantage of the youngsters’ seemingly fearless approach to technology. Each page includes an upper and lower case letter, student-selected pictures with recordings of student voices, and letter outlines for practicing penmanship. Individual students’ pages are compiled into the interactive Smart-e Alphabet book. In class, students go to the SMART Board and choose the “Letter of the Day” page. Students touch the letter to hear its name and sound(s), drag the correct sounds and pictures into the matrix, and practice their penmanship by using their fingertips to outline their letter.

Student Learning Outcomes


Content Areas
English/Language Arts

Technology Used
Interactive Whiteboard
Presentation Software
Provided by Orange County Department of Education

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