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Clicker Your Own Adventure

Author: Scott Williams
School: Villa Park Elementary
District: Orange Unified
County: Orange

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Apple QuickTime
Duration: 02:49:00

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Students love to have a choice. Being able to create a narrative that allows the readers to decide their own fate is even better. “Clicker Your Own Adventure,” is a project which students create a narrative that allows the reader to have multiple outcomes. Using PowerPoint students create hyperlinks to connect different story endings. When their PowerPoint’s are finished they are presented to the entire class. Students vote using student responders, or “Clickers,” to decide which path is taken. After the story has ended students answer questions, created by the writer, using the clickers to check their understanding of the story.

Student Learning Outcomes


Content Areas
English/Language Arts

Technology Used
Interactive Response System
Productivity Software (Microsoft Office, etc.)

CTAP Region
CTAP Region 9

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