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Using Blogs and Wikis to create a Writer’s Works

Author: Connie Peacock
School: Canyon High
District: Orange Unified
County: Orange

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In my online English 12 class the students have read “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. After reading the students have collaborated through the use of a wiki (protected web space which has the ability to be edited by a group). This technology is a wonderful example of online group work where individuals are held responsible for their part of the work. After collaborating to find pieces of evidence from the text to use in their papers they work independently on writing their papers. The students write their paper on a blog within the website. This allows me as the teacher to see their essay as they are working on it and comment as they are working on it. This way the students know if they are on the right track before they waste too much time on the assignment. Every student is challenged based on where their skills are at as a writer. This is truly a way to differentiate instruction in a writing class.

Student Learning Outcomes


Content Areas
English/Language Arts

Technology Used
Productivity Software (Microsoft Office, etc.)

CTAP Region
CTAP Region 9

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