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Support Area

Help your students take great photos for the theme "1,000 Words."

For tips on taking great photos, go to the following links:

Photographic Composition - This site helps students with composition and how to deliver a message visually.

Kodak: Beginnings of Photography - A wonderful tutorial -- almost like a mini-course -- with examples for assisting students with everything from composition, to balance, to the "rule of thirds."  Click on the "Discussion" link for examples to assist in dialogue to develop a "critical eye."


Kodak Tips & Tricks - Most producers of digital cameras have wonderful online tips for improving your photography. The photography tips from Kodak is comprehensive and a valuable resource. Check out the "Top Ten Tips"  to use as a one-page handout for basic tips for taking good photos.

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with submission of photographs, please send us an email to:



Please include the following items in your message:


* Description of your problem

* Computer's operating system (OS)

* Web browser version/type

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