E-rate Training Roadmap and Resource Guide


Welcome to the K12 HSN E-rate Training Roadmap and Resource Guide! The purpose of this guide is to provide a single resource to access the best and most current information available to help you manage your E-rate processes effectively. The Roadmap will guide you through the various steps of the E-rate funding process and provide links to additional training resources such as webinars, guides, and videos published by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), California Department of Education (CDE) and K12 HSN.

The Roadmap on the following page provides QuickLinks to various topics throughout the Resource Guide. These pages give a brief overview as well as additional links to resources outside of the guide, which will contain the most currently available information to assist you with your process. Make sure to check back with the Guide on our website as new materials will be added continuously as they become available. Please also provide feedback on how effective you found the materials as well as make any suggestions or requests for content by completing our survey.

We welcome your feedback! On the last page of this guide are contacts for the K12 HSN support team Please feel free to contact us with any of your E-rate questions.

Warm wishes for your continued E-rate success!

The K12 HSN California E-rate Support Team

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For each topic or resource you may see one or more icons. Clicking on these icons will direct you outside of the Guide and to the most current available resources from USAC, CDE and/or K12 HSN.

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