CCC 2015 Supplemental Report

  Friday, April 17, 2015

The supplement to our report released February 27, 2015, Connecting California’s Children 2015: Findings and Observations is being released today. The report can be found at this link.

The second and final installment of this statewide report includes an analysis of connectivity and technological capacity for 442 school sites representing an 88% response rate for the 500 randomized school sites selected. In developing the report a cost estimator was created that permits district decision-makers to input different parameters and learn the estimated cost of securing those varying levels of connectivity.

The findings and different approaches to solving issues are included and will serve as conversation starters as stakeholders continue their efforts to resolve the gaps that California’s schools are experiencing. An update on the Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant (BIIG) program is included as “last mile” connectivity issues for many schools are being solved. Nevertheless, solutions for the reduced “last mile” gap, as well as gaps in internal infrastructure and adequate staffing in technical support, remain ahead.

The K12HSN program, the California Department of Education and the State Board of Education look forward to using the report to advance the conversations focused on continuing progress toward the end goal of California’s schools having what they need to meet the needs of the 21st Century learners that they serve.