E-rate News Flash - Issue 17-04

  Wednesday, June 7, 2017

FCC Form 470 and 471 Deadline reminders

Funding Year 2017-18 Federal Communication Commission (FCC) E-rate form deadlines are as follows:

  • FCC Form 470 – April 13, 2017 at 8:59 p.m. Filing on this date will allow the minimum 28 days to conduct and complete the bidding process, select a service provider and certify the FCC Form 471.
  • FCC Form 471 – May 11, 2017 at 8:59 p.m. All applicants requesting E-rate discounts must file this form every year.

CALNET 3 Contract Extension

The California Department of Technology, manager of the CALNET 3 contract, has executed the first extension on the CALNET 3 contract. This extension only affects Subcategory 1.6, Legacy Communications. The new contract expiration date is June 30, 2018. Legacy Communications refers to services such as local voice services. A PDF with a complete listing of services in Subcategory 1.6 can be accessed at https://ebiznet.att.com/calnetinfoiii/Uploads/Link/ATT_CatB_1%206_Final_10-26-2016.pdf.

To effectively take advantage of this extension, in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC), each applicant should do the following for Funding Year 2017-18:

  1. When completing your FCC Form 471 refer to the same contract used in the Funding Year 2016-17 application (Note: Do not create a new contract in the Contracts module.)
  2. Enter the new expiration date (June 30, 2018) in the Funding Year 2017-18 Funding Request.

Note – A new Authorization to Order (ATO) from the service provider is not required.


Agency Telecommunications Representative (ATR) Bulletin 16-07 at http://www.otech.ca.gov/pdf/stnd/atrbulletins/2016/
provides additional information on the CALNET 3 contract extension.

E-rate Webinars for Beginners

Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) is introducing a series of E-rate webinars for beginners. The first webinar will be on April 5, 2017. Details and registration can be found on the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) Web page at http://usac.org/sl/about/outreach/training/E-rate-Program-Overview-for-Beginners.aspx.

Additional Information & Support

The Schools and Libraries Program (SLP), commonly known as E-rate, provides timely information and insight through their Weekly News Brief. You can sign up to receive these communications by visiting the SLP’s Web page at http://www.usac.org/sl/tools/news-briefs/Default.aspx


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As always we’re here to help if you have questions or need support. Members of the CDE E-rate team are available to assist by e-mail at E-RATE@cde.ca.gov.