SANS Security Awareness Training (SAT)

TAPD is launching a new cybersecurity awareness training program using the SANS cybersecurity awareness curriculum. The newly curated content will be delivered via the Canvas LMS and is available at no cost to California school districts. Additionally, TAPD has partnered with the San Diego County Office of Education to offer its phishing program, Red Herring, to all program participants. Sign up for the new SANS Security Awareness Training (SAT) here.

Network Diagnostic Tools

Take advantage of our K-12 Network Monitoring System (K12NMS)! 

K12NMS is a free network monitoring and diagnostic tool available to all California K-12 districts!  This tool allows network managers to closely monitor internal networks and diagnose network issues.  In addition, it features a reporting dashboard that allows you to monitor the status of your network. 

​To gain access to this no-cost tool, complete this form.

​​Nessus Network Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Nessus scans external facing IP's and identifies network vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers could use to exploit your network. Nessus provides a full report of the scan and suggests ways to resolve any found vulnerabilities. Nessus is available at no cost to all California K-12 school districts.

​To gain access to this no-cost tool, complete this form.

Program Background

AB104 was included in the 2015-16 California budget bill and appropriated one-time funds for professional development and technical assistance within K-12 schools.  K12HSN was selected to help organize this important work in a way that leverages existing resources and partners. The Technical Assistance and Professional Development (TAPD) program, as you will find in the Budget Bill Language, highlights the importance of IT support and network management for schools and districts.

Domains of Focus


Design, implementation, management and maintenance of local area and wide area networks through wired and wireless connections.


Proactive protection of data privacy, student information systems and core services from theft, damage and disruption through hardware,
software and the Internet.


The acquisition of services, products and contracts, including through subsidy programs such as E-rate (Federal) and CTF (California).

Diagnostic Tools

Active monitoring and diagnostic tools aimed at helping technologists manage, maintain and protect their systems and evaluate usage, bottlenecks and threats.

The plan to deliver statewide support to school districts and county offices of education in their efforts to manage the networks essential to effective operations will consist of a number of different services being delivered by the K-12 High Speed Network and a number of its partners. The issues to be addressed cannot be defined as one single problem and indeed, the solutions require that each agency accessing service from the program be able to get what they need. It is not possible to design an effective program using a "cookie cutter" plan or with the idea that one size fits all.

Please visit the TAPD Website for more information: www.k12tapd.org.

Contact Us
Questions related to the TAPD program may be directed to the K-12 High Speed Network.

Phone: (760) 312-6158
Email: tapd@k12hsn.org