The Network

K-12 Connections to CalREN

K12HSN administers K-12’s participation in the California Research and Education Network (CalREN). 

CalREN is the high-speed, high-bandwidth statewide network of 14 Hub Sites and circuits linking to 83 K-12 Node Sites, 11 UC Node Sites, 24 CSU Node Sites, 111 community college Node Sites, as well as 6 Node Sites serving the three participating private universities.

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CalREN is managed and operated by the Corporation for Education Networking Initiatives in California (CENIC). 
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CalREN is also linked to the national Internet2 network forming an advanced state and national “Intranet” for educational use. 
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Network and Internet services to the 83 K-12 Node Sites extends to 80% (8,594)* of schools, 85% (897)* of school districts, and 100% (58)* of county offices of education in California, and provides connectivity to over 5 million students. Visit dataLINK for more connectivity data. *As of May 25, 2019