Network Tools


Active monitoring and diagnostic tools aimed at helping technologists manage,maintain and protect their systems and evaluate usage, bottlenecks and threats.

K-12 Network Monitoring System (K12NMS)

K12NMS is a network monitoring and diagnostic tool available to small California K-12 districts with 30 or fewer devices to monitor. This monitoring tool uses the Zabbix network monitoring application and allows network managers to monitor internal networks and diagnose network issues.  In addition, it features a reporting dashboard giving network managers an overview of network status.

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​​Nessus Network Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Nessus scans external facing IP's and identifies network vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers could use to exploit your network. Nessus provides a full report of the scan and suggests ways to resolve any found vulnerabilities. Nessus is available at no cost to all California K-12 school districts.

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