DDoS Mitigation Services

K12HSN has partnered with CENIC to offer DDoS Mitigation Services (DMS) to all K-12 Node sites as part of our core services. The DMS service is turn-key and includes detection of DDoS attacks and mitigation services using The RadWare scrubbing platform. K12HSN node sites and the districts they serve will enjoy the benefit of an integrated DMS service as part of their connection to K12HSN and the CalREN network with access to the 24/7 Network Operations Center.

We are excited to announce that all HSN node sites are now enrolled in DMS! The final county was onboarded in
early August and the program now serves all HSN connected sites.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with CENIC and K12HSN staff members to further explore what’s needed and establish expectations, simply request a meeting and it will be scheduled by sending an email to info@k12hsn.org.