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K12HSN is a state program funded by the
California Department of Education that
provides the California K-12 community
with broadband connectivity.

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K12HSN has partnered with CENIC to offer DDoS Mitigation Services (DMS) to all K-12 Node sites as part of our core services. DMS is offered to all K12HSN node sites as part of their connection to K12HSN and the CalREN network with access to the 24/7 Network Operations Center. 

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K12HSN recently announced new and updated features on our dataLINK website. K12HSN uses the connectivity information in dataLINK to evaluate node site downstream traffic and calculate oversubscription rates. This information is used to support proposed upgrades to the network presented to our program stakeholders.

Update the connectivity data for your school sites today!

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K12HSN filed comments in opposition to this proposal. We encourage any interested parties to file in support of these comments through the Express Comment feature in the FCC's Electronic Comment…