Teacher with students

K12HSN is a state program funded by the
California Department of Education that
provides the California K-12 community
with broadband connectivity.

BIIG 1 & 2

K12HSN and CENIC continue to work on the 9 remaining BIIG projects. We expect all projects to be completed by June 30, 2022. K12HSN staff are in the process of producing a final report on the BIIG projects for stakeholders.


Letter of Agency

K12HSN and CENIC ask all California school districts that are connected to the K12HSN network to join the statewide consortium led by CENIC by signing a Letter of Agency (LOA). The LOA allows CENIC and K12HSN to maximize the E-rate and CTF subsidies on program services. By signing the LOA, school districts can help the program leverage the state's investment and funding and help ensure ongoing support for statewide access to fast and reliable broadband.

More Info

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