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Dr. David Haglund Profile Photo
Pleasanton Unified School District

Dr. David Haglund is the Superintendent of Schools at Pleasanton Unified School District. Responsible for 16 school sites and programs that ensure high levels of student learning, Dr. Haglund and his team are implementing an “access for all” strategy that is resulting in improved student and adult learning outcomes, sustaining high graduation and college going rates, and closing achievement and opportunity gaps. David has vested 37 years in the public school system.

Before coming to Pleasanton in 2017, he spent 17 years as a classroom teacher and has subsequently filled the roles of principal, director, assistant superintendent, and deputy superintendent.

He is actively engaged in the professional community concerned with the impact of technology on teaching and learning. His transformative vision for 21st-century schools includes development of school leaders who understand how information and communications technologies can extend learning beyond the school day and places personalized and blended learning experiences at the core of the instructional program of schools. Dr. Haglund’s strong ties to state, national and international organizations, and their leaders, has ensured wide-scale support for local initiatives and established his position of influence as a forward-thinking educational innovator.

Dr. Haglund earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California in 2009.

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